Movie Review: Terminator 5

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Reviewed by Michael Fett




I saw Terminator 5 and left the theater more confused about which direction they want to go, so here is the timeline of the films and the results of the events.

1. Terminator. Sarah Connor gets saved by Kyle Reese and lives. The timeline was messed with and judgement day now happens sooner because of the microchip left behind.

2. Terminator 2. John Connor is rescued and the chip is destroyed thus making, supposedly in regards to movie goers, that Judgement day never happened, but in all realities just returns to its original date.

3. Terminator 3. Judgement day finally happens.

4. Terminator 4. We are finally in the future and the events unfold like they should.

5. Terminator 5. Screw the events of Terminator 3 and 4 and have a new way Kyle Reese meets John Connor kind of scene. Now they have screwed with the timelines so much that the films suffer from it. All we know for sure is John Connor talks too much like in the previous films and now Cyberdine Systems wants to turn everyone into a borg. Oh and the saying stays true that bad things happens to those who cross paths with the doctor.

Terminator 5 gets a 5 out of 10. The film lacks story, lacks action, and lacks any sort of fun to make it a good film. Save your money people. Sad part is this the first film of a planned trilogy.

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