Exploring Strange Worlds with Raymond Swanland

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Raymond Swanland is a freelance illustrator who began his career working on the Oddworld Inhabitants series of video games and has created artwork for Magic: The Gathering, World of Warcraft, Aliens vs. Predator, ImagineFX, Disturbed, many sci-fi/fantasy novels, and more. He won a Spectrum Award in 2004 and the David Gemmel Legend Award in 2012. His recent work includes a series of covers for Games Worshop's Warhammer 40,000 and the marketing artwork for the DC Comics animated movie, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns.

Recently, one of his Art Directors for Wizards of the World, Jon Schindehette, informed The WOD Newspaper, that he has put up one of Raymond's artworks for the Spectrum Award for this year. When asked about this news, Raymond laughed and stated this was a pleasant surprise for him too. He attributes his success as a freelance illustrator to winning the Spectrum Award in 2004 since it put his works in front of many Art Directors of many companies that he wouldn't have been able to approach otherwise.

Take a look at Raymond's work - it speaks for itself and his work inspires the creative mind to bear fruit into other worlds.

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