Amazing Arizona ComiCon 2014 Review

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 In brightest day and in blackest night - no convention shall escape my sight!

Okay, that was a bit weird, but that's okay. I'm a fellow geek with a dash of nerd, so either way, that line best known from Green Lantern universe, it's here to stay. Moving forward!

Amazing Arizona ComiCon 2014 has now come to a close and yet so much can be said about this year's convention. History was made, big name talents taking their time with the fans, exhibitor hall and artists alike, expanded by 40% from AACC 2013; the list goes on.

Beginning with the Justice League of America, Aquaman, Batman: Earth One, Infinite Crisis, Forever Evil, Brightest Day, try to guess where I am going with this. Geoff Johns was in attendance this year signing autographs and providing sketches alike to his very eagerly waiting fans lining up all the way outside the convention itself. Geoff Johns has always been a Public Relations dream. This honorable man tends to take a step outside of his shell and walk along the convention floor greeting fans and often discussing projects both today and of the days of yore. If you had a fantastic ride like I did with The New 52 Geoff Johns, his footsteps worth following for all you aspiring comic book writers.

Jimmy “Jay/JayCompany Comics,” equally delighted convention goers with a more pop culture hit with The Walking Dead. Several tiers of programming were put in place this year to increase fan satisfaction. The guest list this year included Danai Gurira (Michonne), and the head honcho creator, Robert Kirkman. Both greeted fans with several chances for autographs and photographs alike including an extensive Q&A Panel.

For writers and artists alike, the Image Documentary provided an extraordinarily insightful look into today's industry as a whole. For each screening, if you were not waiting for some time before the next screening, good luck finding your own seat. No doubt, Marc Silvestri and Rob Liefeld both took to this panel with insightful knowledge as 75% of today's comic book market is dwarfed by independent titles. A more in-depth analysis can be found in the Comic Shops & The Indie Market report inside The WOD Newspaper & Webzine.

Cosplayers are never short in numbers every year at Amazing Arizona ComiCon. Cosplay icons like Jessica Nigri and Monika Lee both graced us with their presence, as well promoting their own works.

History has been made!

On Saturday, the Guinness Book of World Records Challenge was under way. Jimmy Jay, the director of the convention, was directly responsible for orchestrating the event with the help from Jesse James, of Jesse James Comics. In April 2011, 60 comic creators had set two world records for comics at the Kapow! Comic Book Convention. The first record was the fastest time to create a comic book and that record stood at 11 hours, 19 minutes and 38 seconds. The second record to be set was for having the most contributors to a comic book with 60 contributors. In the same year, that very record was beaten in Argentina with 81 contributors.

The record has been beaten right here in Arizona with 101 artists and 25 writers in under 11 hours.

Even more enjoyable is that I, myself, was one of the writers in this very project. Other names, from both sides of me included Rob Liefeld, Tom Hutchison, Raven Gregory, Eric Esquivel, Kyle Higgins, Marc Silvestri and more! To be included on a team filled with such big talent was truly quite an honor.

The majority of the proceeds from the sales of this world record-breaking comic book went towards The Hero Initiative.

Am looking forward to another exciting year at Amazing Arizona ComiCon next year.

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