Book Review: Blood Ocean by Weston Ochse

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Reviewed by Normalene Zeeman
Prescott Public Librarian

Blood Ocean (2012) by Weston OchseWestonwithMrPotatoHead.jpg

Written in the shared universe of the post-apocalyptic, plague-ridden world of the Afterblight stories, this story tells of an enclave of ships tied together with Russians, Japanese, Koreans, Hawaiians and Americans living together in an uneasy balance. The Hawaiians are the main characters here with Kavika being one of the Pali boys who rule the skies and travel through the maze of rigging connecting most of the ships together. When one of his friends is murdered, he starts a city-spanning revolt to find the culprit and bring him to justice. The world reminds me of a more fully-fleshed out Waterworld with the characters of a fantasy-ridden Lord of the Flies. Dystopian novels have a dark feel to them and this is no different - bleak and hopeless are the lives of most of the people, hoping to be ignored and left to their miniscule corner of the deck or hold. Terrors beyond belief await those unlucky enough to be noticed, they can be blood-raped or monkey-backed and the consequences are brutal; but Kavika and his friends have a plan and woe unto whomever gets in their way. The diverse secondary characters are a huge help to the plot and their knowledge and abilities are critical to the resolution. The shared-world concept brings depth, breadth and history to what in lesser hands would be an ordinary story but here is an adventure that brings new meaning to coming-of-age.

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